Cloud integration

SaaS adoption rates are increasing all the time, you need integration with your on-premises applications. Integration should be done in minutes not in months !

Cloud integration can be very challenging, it needs to understand various integration options exposed by cloud application.

Developers often need to be trained on cloud applications and any integration technologies. Security is an issue and there are usually multiple integration options. This gives rise to a lot of manual development effects which increases costs and time to market when you really need agile delivery integration between your cloud applications and your cloud and on-premises applications.

Amazus helps customers to adopt Oracle integrations solution which integrate applications across clouds and on-premises, it simplifies connectivity between key enterprise applications and on-premise applications. With cloud integration service, you get automated back-up, patches update and upgrades leaving you to concentrate on tasks of creating and integrating applications. With this no data mapping from scratch, no hard coded integration is required and you get enterprise required security and governance capabilities.

Oracle integration solution comes with libraries of adapters for oracle and third party applications and you can purchase a pre-built integration for common scenarios. You can thus integrate your applications faster by increasing your business agility.

Amazus assists you to create quickly development and test environment. You can also transition on existing on-premises production workloads to the cloud, reducing on-premises costs to run and maintain a service. Moreover, we support our customers to use SOA solutions to extend an integration cloud service by building and orchestrating services involving complex requirements not supported by integration cloud services. This powerful combination serves to create the most complete integration PaaS in the market. You design your applications as you always have done with on-premises Oracle IDE, you can then deploy and manage your cloud applications with same browser tool that you always used.
When you need to upgrade your hosted instances with the latest patches, scale, or back-up and recover data on your hosts, Oracle lets you perform these tasks with minimum configurations. Provide a full suite of development tools, flexible deployment and simplified management, instead of spending time building and maintaining the platform, developers focus entirely on innovation.