By Ameur Baccoucha 

Oracle Cloud Digital Consultant 


DevOps has been proven to increase the speed, efficiency and quality of software delivery as well as improving staff morale and motivation.
Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS for short) is a foundation service in the Oracle Cloud that provides you with a full cloud platform to manage agile development processes and automate DevOps cycles. It is available for every Oracle Cloud customer for free as part of the Oracle cloud subscription.
Connecting DevCS to Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) will add all the DevOps development benefits to your development process and also the ability of managing you applications code using the Git repository.

How to connect VBCS to DevCS?

1- Open DevCS Console.

2- Click   to create a new project.

3- Add a project Name (VB sample in our example) and click Next >

4- Choose Initial Repository and click Next > .

5- Click Finish to create the project.

6- Wait until the project is created and click  button.

7- Click next Git.

8- Click in the dropdown list Clone and copy the https link.

9- Now, go to the Visual Cloud Service Console into the application you want to associated with the DevCS git and click    and choose Configure DevCS Credentials.

10- In the pop up click Add Credentials .

11- Paste the URL copied and add your password and login and click Save Credentials.

12- In the next popup click Close.

13- Click  again and click Link DevCS GIT Repository this time.

14- Click Add Link in the popup.

15- Choose from the drop down lists the values and click Save Configuration.

16- Click Close.

Now we can push our application to our Git repository.

17- Click  Push to Git.

18- Write a Commit Message and click Push to Git.

19- Click Close.

20- Go to the DevCS and you can see your application code populated.