By Sabrine Ghouili 

SaaS/PaaS Consultant 


UiPath is the world’s most advanced and scalable RPA platform for fast and reliable enterprise deployment.

It is composed of 3 main components :

  • Studio that allows the design of processes.
  • Robot that allows the execution of processes.
  • The Orchestrartor is a centralized robot management dashboard where you can easily deploy, secure, and manage your UiPath Robots.

UIPath Studio

1- As you get your UIPath setup ready, you will have many features that you can use as needed.

UIPath Orchestrator

Creating a new Robot:

2- Click Robots

3- Click   to create a new rabot then choose standard robot  

4- Enter your machine name, your username and your password (of your Windows session)

5- Click  to create the robot

Creating an environement :

6- Click Environments

7- Click  to create a new environment and enter a name for it

8- Click   to create it.

9- Choose the robot of this environment :

10- Click 

11- Open the local Uipath Robot and click Paramètre d’Orchestrator

12- You have to copy the machine’s key from the UIPath orchestrator platform

12.1- Machine’s Key

Click Machines then Click Copy to copy the Link :

12.2- Enter the Url of the uipath platform and enter the machine’s key copied from the uipath orchestrator platform

13- Click

Creating a new process :

14- Within UIPath Orchestrator platform click Processus

15-Then click  to create a new process

16- Choose the process that was published from UIPath Studio and select the environment

17- Click  and the process will be created

Running Process from the Orchestrator’s Job :

Within Orchestrator, a Process that is running or has been run is called a Job.

18- Click JOBS

19- Click 

20- Choose the Process and the Robot

21- Click Parameters and enter the value of your parameters

22- Click Start to start the Job

Running process using the Orchestrator API :

23- To run the process you have to get the Result ID, Release ID and the Robot ID.

Use this curl command to start the job :

curl -d “{ \”startInfo\”:{ \”ReleaseKey\”: \”<<Enter your release key>>\”,\”Strategy\”: \”Specific\”,\”RobotIds\”: [ <<enter your robot ID>> ],\”NoOfRobots\”: 0,\”Source\”: \”Manual\”,\”InputArguments\”: <<Enter your input arguments>>” -v -H “Content-Type: application/json” -H “Authorization: Bearer <<Enter your result Key>>”