Become Preferred, Not Just Referred with Oracle CX Service

Considering the current business challenges, customers getting smarter and demanding, shorter product life cycles, and shrinking margins on products, expectations from services have risen dramatically.

In this context, Oracle CX Cloud Solution provide a set of advanced services that help companies maintain proactive customer engagement, facilitate guided resolution across online / virtual channels, increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction, and reduce operating expenses while increasing the customer lifetime value and brand loyalty.


Digital Customer Service

Customers would rather solve their own problems, so provide them with the most relevant and frequently used answers. Make it easier on the customer and yourself by building user-friendly self-service pages that improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of calls to the contact center

Cross-Channel Contact Center

It helps to streamline service processes with lower TCO and to manage customer interactions across different channels (Chat, Co-browse, Video-chat, Voice, Text, Messaging, Email and Social, etc.) in a single connected platform.

Knowledge Management

Increase customer and agent satisfaction by providing a single view of relevant information that is pulled from a single source which provides deep search capabilities, contextual knowledge experience for customers / agents, versioning offers, and absolute content control.

Policy Automation

This component helps empowering business users to define the rules and providing customers with personalized, transparent, adaptive advice throughout the experience while getting detailed reliable analytics and reports for automated decisions.

Field Service

Based on optimization capabilities and prediction technology, the field service option provides customers with communication capabilities, real time traffic and street level routing, technician mobility, enablement, and collaboration tools.