Your development team is wondering how to deliver better software faster?

Amazus assists your organization to adopt an agile development methodology to help your team improve development process flexibility and quickly adapt changes to your business needs.

Continuous integration & delivery helps to make your software reliable and also streamlines DevOps with short delivery time frames and more frequent releases.
We help customers leverage Oracle DevOps solutions to improve their team development process and enable their organization to deliver better software faster.

Amazus makes it easy to integrate the DevOps solution that helps customers access system monitoring tasks and issues, agile process management dashboards, team communication utilities, source control management, code review system, continuous integration engine and deployment automation.

Installing, maintaining and integrating DevOps components can be challenging and expensive !

By integrating cloud solution that covers all these out-of-the-box components, it will be faster and simpler to achieve development team goals.

You simply use your web browser or built-in integration with your favourite development tools to track tasks, manage agile development sprints, track team assignments and progress, manage code changes and code branches, automate your build test and delivery processes.
You get started in minutes, there is no software to install and other components are pre-integrated !

DevOps adoption will really improve your daily work !