Engage all of your employees globally with a single, comprehensive HR solution 

Globalization has challenged HR industry in various ways , from customer engagement to regulatory reporting and talent attraction and retention. Traditional HR technology was unable to keep up with the evolving needs of business, so HR managers had to combine multiple HCM systems which weakened their core functions. As a result, Companies need to consider a diverse range of practical adjustments to be able to hire, train, retain and support a workforce that’s often spread throughout several countries, which often have varying cultural identities.
Easy to use, Oracle HCM Cloud solution has the flexibility to serve as a full-service Human Resources department for your organization , helping HR professionals create meaningful engagement, advance the organization, and thrive with innovation by supporting the entire employee lifecycle.


Human Ressources

  • Worker Life Cycle
  • Managing employment, positions, jobs and global assignments
  • Employee Information 
  • Global and local HR Supporting more than 200 countries and jurisdictions.
  • Industry and Union Management

Workforce Directory

  • Easy access to team information 
  • Provide employee spotlight that you can share and view in order to encourage collaboration with other employees.
  • Structured Organization Chart which facilitates collaboration with peers, managers, and other departments 
  • Smart navigation  

Workforce Prediction

  • Predicting team performance and attrition 
  • What If Scenario Analysis 
  • Prebuilt attributes to facilitate the creation of new predictive models and plans

Strategic Workforce Planning

  • What If Modeling
  • Demand & Supply
  • Planning Skill Gap Analysis
  • Smart View

Workforce Modeling

  • Model Business Scenarios (reorganizations, acquisitions, etc.)
  • Predicted Effectiveness of organizational changes
  • Simple and intuitive Approval Workflow Tool for change management

HR HelpDesk

  • Seamless Access to HR services
  • Data Privacy
  • Efficient Query Management
  • Reduced Implementation Cost

Advanced HCM Controls

  • Security Controls
  • Stop Payment Fraud
  • Change Tracking Controls

Workforce Health & Safety Incident

  • Incident Reporting  
  • Incident Management 
  • Safety Management & KPI