By Ameur Baccoucha 

Oracle Cloud Digital Consultant 


Chatbot are used by businesses to provide proactive assistance to their customers making their lives more esaier and comfortable. Integrating feature like buttons, position, OCR, Speech recognition,… improves UX and customer satisfaction.

Oracle Digital Assistant (formerly known as Oracle Intelligent Bots) accommodates such services which are not difficult to develop.

In this article, we will detail how to develop and integrate speech recognition with the Oracle Digital Assistant platform.

You can find Here a ZIP of the project.

Before you Begin

1- Connect to a Google Cloud Platform (you can try it for free, $ 300 credit offered).

2- Create or select a project.

3- Enable billing for your project.

4- Enable the Google Speech-to-Text API for that project.

5- Create a service account.

6- Download a private key as JSON.

7- Set the environment variable GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS to the file path of the JSON file that contains your service. account key.

Custom Components

8- Follow this blog of Frank Nimphius if you are new with costum components.

9- Install the client library of GCP:

       npm install --save @google-cloud/speech

10- Install fluent-ffmpeg 
       npm install --save fluent-ffmpeg

11- copy and paste this nodeJs code into your component file

12- Here is a sample of a dialogFlow where the bot can answer some question about amazus and the date