Using Oracle Intelligent Bot, you can develop an Q&A intelligent bot in less than 5 minutes.

By Ameur Baccoucha 

Oracle Cloud Digital Consultant 


Chatbots are gaining popularity more than ever, one of which will be a necessity in the coming years to perform a multitude of tasks, such as providing customer service or retrieving information.
In this article, we will detail very quickly how to develop a QnA chatbot with the Oracle Intelligent Bot platform.

Creating CSV file

1- The data source file for the Q&A content must be a UTF-8 encoded CSV file. This file has a header line whose values are “category_path”, “questions” and “content”

• The category for a given question and answer pair.
• The questions that display for the user. Add each alternate versions of these question on a new line.
• The answers.

Creating the Bot

2- Log in to your Bot platform and click New Bot.

3- Give your Bot a Name and a Description (optional). It will be “QnA bot” and “Sample of QnA bot ” in our case.

Then click Create.

4- Then go to the QnA tab and click on +Q&A.

5- Select the Language, Locale (optional), give it a Name, upload your CSV file, and click Create.

French, France and Amazus in our case.

6- Wait a bit and you will see a table like this.

7- Next, click on !Train at the top of the browser, select QnA_Bot and Submit.

8- Now go to the DialogFlow tab.

9- Replace the existing code by the above (do not forget to change the name to your bot name). Here

10- Click on Validate.

Testing The Bot

11- Click on the tester icon   and start testing your bot. Here are some screenshots of our bot.

  • When your question is well formulated, the bot responds directly.
  • Otherwise it offers you the closest answers as well as choices by category.

Congrats, you have developed a Bot !