Reference : AMZ-ADF-12 Duration : 5 days

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn how  to Build reusable business services by implementing ADF Business Components (ADF BC), Expose the data model in a web application by using ADF Model, Build a rich user interface by using ADF Faces, Develop reusable task flows for an application, Test, debug, secure, and deploy the web application.

Course Audience

  • Application architect
  • Developers

Course Topics

  • Building a Business Model with ADF Business Components
  • Creating Data-Bound UI Components
  • Defining Task Flows and Adding Navigation
  • Declaratively Customizing ADF Business Components
  • Validating User Input
  • Modifying Data Bindings Between the UI and the Data Model
  • Adding Advanced Features to Task Flows and Page Navigation
  • Passing Values between UI Elements
  • Responding to Application Events
  • Programmatically Implementing Business Service Functionality
  • Implementing Transactional Capabilities
  • Building Reusability into Pages
  • Achieving the Required Layout
  • Debugging ADF Applications
  • Implementing Security in ADF Applications
  • Deploying ADF BC Applications
  • Reservation details

  • Personnal informations