Reference : AMZ-SOA-12 Duration : 5 days

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn about SOA concepts and technologies, the business benefits of adopting SOA in your organization, the functionality and features of core service components in Oracle SOA Suite 12c. You will learn also how to make-up a SOA composite application, virtualize and secure services and how Oracle SOA provides customers real-time insight and simplifies integration with external trading partners, cloud-based and mobile applications.

Course Audience

  • Application architect
  • Business analyst
  • IT manager
  • SOA developers

Course Topics

  • Service-Oriented Architecture Concepts
  • Building SOA Composite Applications
  • Orchestrating Services with BPEL Process Components
  • Connecting with Binding Components
  • Mediating Messages with Mediator Components
  • Encapsulating Business Logic with Business Rules Components
  • Implementing Human Activities with Human Workflow Service Components
  • Virtualizing and Securing Services
  • Managing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Composite Applications
  • On-Premises Integration Mobile and Cloud Integration
  • Reservation details

  • Personnal informations