Reference : AMZ-WLS-12 Duration : 5 days

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn how to install WebLogic server, create, configure, control and monitor WebLogic Server resources, configure and use node manager to remotely start WebLogic server, deploy JEE applications to WebLogic server and back up and restore a WebLogic domain.

Course Audience

  • System Administrator
  • Application architect

Course Topics

  • WebLogic server overview
  • Installing and patching WebLogic server
  • Creating and monitoring domain
  • Using the Administration Console
  • Configuring machines and node manager
  • Configuring JDBC data sources
  • Testing and monitoring deployed applications
  • Configuring network channels and virtual hosts
  • Configuring cluster/dynamic cluster
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting cluster
  • Configuring session failover and replication groups
  • Managing transactions
  • WebLogic server security
  • Backing up a domain and upgrading WebLogic server
  • Reservation details

  • Personnal informations