Simplify the automation of your business processes in the cloud

Productivity is the key to countering the big challenges faced by today’s organizations such as an aging workforce, strained budgets, a faster pace of innovation, and increasing demands for better customer services etc. As the landscape has become intensely competitive, companies are expected to drive rapid automated processes, seamless collaborations among all stakeholders, deep insights for better decisions and unprecedented agility. To overcome all these challenges, digital enterprises require a robust platform such as the Oracle Process Cloud Service to create intelligent, adaptable, multichannel, and insight-driven structured and Non structured business processes for operational excellence.

Benefits ?

Visual Low-Code Enterprise Workflows

Discover & Connect to SaaS and On-Premises Apps

Personalize Employees  & Customer Engagement



Composer : It is a platform that allows users to design, test, optimize, deploy and execute structured as well as non structured business processes

  • It is a 100% web-based designer.
  • It integrates application player tool, which enables users to test the behavior of their business processes at design time.
  • It ensures a simplified Process Modeling and provides powerful Drag and Drop Forms.


Workspace : It is an intuitive and user-oriented environment for running, monitoring and managing the processes that are enabled.

  • Users can manage and complete tasks in connected or disconnected mode using a simple mobile app. Based on a secured user management, users can collaborate with each other by commenting and sharing files for increased productivity.
  • Business users can easily manage their tasks and reduce case backlogs. Receive email notification on tasks.
  • Users can easily set business rules, manage process flows and workflows and update data.
  • It enhances Operational Intelligence by breaking bottlenecks and subscribing to alerts which leads to rapid efficient decision makings.


Analytics : Rich Dashboards where users can easily monitor Process tasks and people in real time using an intuitive graphical interface

  • Easily track workflows, view detailed audit trails, troubleshoot, and optimize key processes.
  • Monitor and manage work streams in real-time with rich visualizations and analytics.
  • Extended Analytics with BI Cloud Service.

Dynamic & Static Process Support

Oracle Process Cloud Service offers structured and unstructured business process modeling to address a wide array of business process use cases. 

  • Structured Processes are formally defined as standardized processes which is unchangeable in form or change over a long period of time.They involve day to day operations, such as : placing and order, purchasing raw materials,etc.
  • Dynamic (Unstructured) Processes are described in stages that can be executed sequentially or in parallel. Tasks within a stage can be conditionally activated and executed based on simple declarative rules. For example : labor dispute, city permit, fraud charge dispute, etc.

RPA ( Robotic Process Automation Integration )

By Combining OIC & RPA features , users are able to extend integration platform with non intrusive UI automation capabilities for :

  • Legacy systems
  • Heavily customized on premises saaS Enterprise applications
  • Rapid integration prototyping
  • Integration with systems that do not have an API or adapter


Eliminate human labor to provision, secure, monitor, backup, recover and troubleshoot.


 Automatically apply security updates while running to protect against cyberattacks.


Provide automated protection from all planned and unplanned downtime .