By Ameur Baccoucha 

Oracle Cloud Digital Consultant 


The last releases in Oracle Visual Builder gives the ability for developers and enterprises to run their applications not only on the VBCS containers but also anywhere else. This means that you can take apps you built in the Oracle Cloud and host it in other web servers. (Development is still cloud based only).

Plus, it is so easy to migrate your application from VBCS ( Visual Builder Cloud Service ) to the other servers. Here we go !

Running Visual Builder app on local server

In this blog we will be using a CRUD sample application. Click here to learn how to develop a REST CRUD App Using VBCS.

To generate the build artifact we will be using DevCS. Click here to learn how to connect VBCS to DevCS .

1- Within DevCS platform click Builds .

2- Then  to create a new build job.

3- Name it and choose a template that has NodeJS installed in it.

4- Click Add Git and choose your git repository.

5- Click at Steps tab, Add Step and choose Unix Shell then add the code bellow to it.

6- Click then Parameters tab and add your parameters.

7- Click After Build, Add After Build Action and choose Artifact Archiver.

8- Click Save.

9- Click Build Now and confirm your parameters and click Build Now again.

10- Click  Artifacts then.

11- Open the build repo and download the file.

12- Unzip the file and copier it to the Apache-Tomcat server instance webapps folder.

13- In a web browser enter the link of the index file located in

{your file name}/webApps/{your web app name}/

(in my case it is http://localhost:8080/customerDemo/webApps/customer/).