Improve candidate quality and recruiting speed with a comprehensive recruiting solution 

With the recent completion of global acquisitions, some of the threads companies might be facing in their recruiting processes were brought to the forefront. They knew as they continued to grow, their processes would only become more challenging. So, they needed to integrate modern talent acquisition processes and systems that would support them and allow them to compete in their expanding markets.
Intelligent, engaging and complete, Oracle Recruiting Cloud improves the end-to-end user experience by utilizing the latest technology innovations, giving organizations a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring and retaining talent while reducing operating and ownership costs.


Robust Multichannel sourcing

  • Multichannel sourcing so recruiters can build an ongoing talent pipeline, such as job boards and social media content to draw in candidates and encourage them as they complete the application process.
  • Full view of recruiting activities and sourcing initiatives.
  • Targeted CRM campaigns to communicate with candidate pools and market open requisitions to both internal and external candidates.

Smarter Recruiting & Onboarding

  • Geolocation-awareness helps puts the job search at the forefront for each job seeker.
  • Branded career portal where recruitors have direct and full control over the design and content. The portal is multilangual and supports various media forms such as videos , audios etc.
  • Automated candidate screening thanks to multi-tiered screening tools, such as disqualification and pre-screening questions.
  • Interview and offer management such as scheduling wizard, online interview guides and questionnaires, and automatic collection of interview feedback and scores.
  • Guidance-based task management to improve productivity and engagement.
  • Pre and post hire interactions with internal teams though workplace social groups.

Emerging Technologies & Deep Insights

  • Quicker and smarter hiring through use of chatbots, mobile-first UI, and adaptive intelligence.
  • Reduce the operating cost of an HR department where chatbots can do the work of a help desk.
  • Enhance the candidate experience with conversation-based interactions vs a form-driven process.
  • Easy access to information about the candidates through all stages of employment.
  • A single unified platform that supports self-service activities and streamlines analytics about various organizational changes such as : Work structures, position informations, security profiles and configurations, job requisitions and new hire onboarding, learning etc.