Helping HR Win the War for Talent

In today’s global business environment, talent management becomes one important source of competitive advantage that creates value for all companies. With the right system in place, HR leaders are able to implement world-class recruiting strategies at their companies as well as generate the insights needed to drive quality of hire, internal mobility and a proactive approach to building talent pipelines.
However, strategic talent management requires covering the full talent management spectrum and connecting the dots between different stages in the employee life cycle. Companies might have a powerful recruiting strategy but yet lose their top recruits due to a lack of employee development or the loss of top leaders with no replacement in sight.
That’s why Oracle Talent Management Cloud covers all of the key milestones in the employee life cycle: sourcing and recruiting, performance and goal management, compensation, succession and talent review, and learning and development.


Goals & Career Development 

  • Set, track and manage organizational and individual goals and closely align them with the overall talent management process.
  • Align goals with organization’s direction and improve goal attainment.
  • Track personal growth and career development by linking goals to competencies, creating goal-related tasks with tangible action items and enabling employees to set both development goals to support their career growth and personal goals.
  • Goals can be shared among work spaces full suite of collaborative tools including forums and wikis.
  • Build a development plan to grow skills and expertise.
  • Consider career changes using system generated insight.
  • Find careers of interest by using adaptive intelligence.

Performance Management

  • Configure easily performance processes thanks to flexible, template-driven setup.
  • Provide real time feedback to anyone at any time.
  • Enhance performance with ongoing conversations on goals, progress checkpoints and coaching.
  • Monitor and manage the overall performance process with an executive view into performance task completion, tracking to target rating distribution, a quick view of employee ratings, and easy access to performance details.
  • Point-in-time evaluation of worker performance and rich analytics for easy talent management such as : High Performer, High Potential and High Risk of Loss for all workers in the organization.

Succession Plans & Talent Review

  • Create succession plans and visualize their strength.
  • Maximize the value of talent meetings, calibrate talent and assess through interactive discussions.
  • Manage talent pools and succession plans.
  • Review talent, identify potential risk and impact of loss.
  • Identify the right person for the right job.


  • Design a tailored user experience with complete control over all aspects of the user interface.
  • Easy access to learning materials through a unified platform for different training programs such : assessments, blended learning, social learning, self-reported training, etc.
  • Create targeted plans to support on-boarding, certification requirements, compliance mandates, job-related training and continued career development.
  • Create specific learning plans tailored to development needs and opportunities identified in employee reviews.
  • Track course completion and compliance in real time.