Find out what are Instant Apps and the utility of using them in chatbots.

By Ameur Baccoucha 

Oracle Cloud Digital Consultant 


In Chatbot terminology, Entities are data buckets used in conversations. They are parameters included in user’s messages in order to better specify the request (date, number, URL …).

For example:

If a user types “Check my balances for credit card number 5547 5865 4556 547”, the number <5547 5865 4556 547> maybe extracted as an entity.
Or if he types “My card expires on 12/21” the entity is the date <12/21>.

However, they may not always be the best way for bots to collect information from users.
For a better understanding, let’s think about the example of checking a credit card balance.

  • Users are required to enter specific information precisely (Visual cryptogram, Expiration date, Postal code…)
  • Credit card details shouldn’t be left in the messaging service to secure user’s information
  • The conversation must be optimized and user friendly to avoid an annoying conversation

Therefore, Oracle Intelligent Bot use Instant Apps as a solution. Instant Apps are micro applications which are called from a bot and opened in a web view on the mobile device or a tab on a browser.

It allows users to provide structured data input easily instead of going back-and-forth in a bot conversation, just to get multi-line information in.

And What’s really cool about instant apps in the context of a bot conversation is that, they provide options to render charts, upload photos, capture signatures, embed and communicate with remote websites, integrate YouTube and social buttons, display PDF documents and many more.

Also, creating an Instant App in Oracle Intelligent Bot is the easiest thing with the no coding aspect (drag and drop).

The video below illustrates the example of checking a credit card balance using Oracle Intelligent Bot and Instant App feature.